Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Copyright infringement involving photographs: the story of Liebowitz (and now Getty)


lower Manhattan from Freedom Tower 2015 

There is a particular copyright attorney who represents photographers that users should be aware of.

That attorney is Richard Liebowitz, whose operation is described on Jan 4 2021 in this long article for Bedford and Bowery (author Maria Abreu). His business is called a “troll” by many other attorneys.

Much of the litigation is motivated by how the Internet has changed the photography business, where many professional photographers have lost jobs.

Leonard French discusses a case against Getty Images where Getty defended itself, but did not get have its attorneys fees covered.  Getty uses a “chain of licenses” approach.  French has earlier posts about Liebowitz which are not favorable.

French notes that Facebook copyright policy allowed users to use any publicly posted image but that has changed. 

Again, it will be important to know how the Copyright Claims office will handle operations of "trolls" which could impose enormous legal expenses on amateur speech if not handled carefully.  The CC Office says it should begin operations by Dec. 27, 2021. 

I'll get to Facebook's "oversight board" and the continuation of the ban of Trump later.

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