Wednesday, April 07, 2021

UK strain now dominates in US as non-elderly people, largely unvaccinated, start getting more severe disease


Upper MI, along Lake Huron, 2019

Most of my postings about COVID have been on the “Domestic Issues Blog” or “International Issues” Blog, where is on my eponymous blog I’ve preferred to cover technology, censorship, free speech, copyright, and similar topics. 

Today I’ll switch, as on Issues I’ve already covered DC statehood. Some alarming news about the variants that could still matter comes in.

A major story in the Washington Post by Ariana Eunjung Cha today traces a major outbreak, largely of B117,  in Carver County, MN to youth sports.  Out of 181 cases, there were two hospitalizations of coaches and one (formerly a cancer patient) died, bleeding out and clotting at the same time.  Case histories showed deadly cases in older coaches and employees who had been meticulously careful for a year, with spouses avoiding grocery stores.

With the new variants, researchers have found more “lattice-like” transmission patterns, not dependent on superspreader events.  That is, the new variants have less dispersion and are behaving more like flu.

There are also reports of positive tests in fully vaccinated people, now in Michigan, with three deaths, but the percentage of people vaccinated is miniscule. Epoch Times tried to sensationalize the story calling SARS-CoV2 the “CCP-virus”.

Today, the CDC said that the B117 variant (ABC story) has become dominant in the United States, as it has outcompeted the older strains against vaccines, and previously infected as well as vaccinated people. But the vaccines seem to be giving reasonable protection against the variant.

It may be necessary to have boosters available much sooner containing some of the common protein configurations in many of the variants.

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