Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Some notes on whether I should do locals, Substack, or a Patreon-style YouTube channel (maybe by 2022)


my music, original manuscripts, 1960-1962

Here are some quick thought about future modes of activity, for me.

Would a Local site, or a Substack site (which would pay income) be appropriate?

I would need to be much more focused on a narrow and novel topic to draw users who would sign up.

In the beginning, two decades ago, when the focus was “don’t ask don’t tell” such an idea might have worked.  If the right kind of political issue comes up, such as abolishing Selective Service, or even forcing women or trans people to register for the draft (and it was getting attention), with my background it could make sense.  It has been brought up but is not getting much traction right now.

My best chance for something like this to work could occur with my larger music projects from the past (one of them, the Third Sonata, has gotten a lot of work recently, like in the late summer and fall of 2020) .  If I could get this music professionally assembled (like on Avid Sibelius) and somehow performed publicly, it could attract interest.  Most composers who write classical music for a living do so on commission and compose in a “useful music” style that is antithetical to post-romanticism.  I could possibly bring the discussion of post-romanticism back. 

Could I start a video channel?  I don’t have the equipment or studio space or experience in editing to make it work easily.  But I have made higher quality videos with a second person filming me and editing. I do have in mind possibly two projects that would be likely to attract an audience.  One of them has to do with “fundament rights” or “natural rights”.

I have said that it probably be wrong for me to start a Patreon channel requesting sponsors since I have an inheritance to manage, although I have never found such a notion in the Patreon TOS, despite the controversy starting in late 2018.  However, it the sponsorship were regarded as a conventional paying subscription, that would be OK.  A subscription is a conventional business transaction where the consumer pays for receiving periodic content and more or less a predictable schedule, and is east to track with conventional accounting (and credit cards).  That would suggest it would be OK to trademark the name of a channel that regularly does business (earns income from consumers or other businesses in an orderly way suggesting a brand). 

Stay tuned. 

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