Sunday, April 04, 2021

Patreon suspends account of writer for edgy article about a vaccine company (Astra-Zeneca) on her own website; remember Carl Benjamin?


Emergent BioTech in Baltimore (has had a vaccine manufacturing issue recently)

 Here we go again.  With Patreon.  Remember their fiasco with Sargon of Akkad? Then Subscribestar? 

Before I go further, let me reiterate, both the far Left and far Right are guilty of duplicity, authoritarianism, and intellectual dishonesty.

Allison Morrow described (during a month where she has announced a strategic demonetization of all her content) Patreon’s suspension of Whitney Webb.  It turns out that the suspension is for an article on her own website, UnlimitedHangout, which links to Patreon, and which Patreon claims might dissuade gullible people from getting vaccinated, at least if Astra-Zeneca is the only vaccine available to them.  (It is not available in the United States yet.  Part of the political sensitivity comes from the likelihood that Astra-Zeneca is being “sold” particularly to the developing world, but then also so are vaccines from Russia and China.)

If you go to her Twitter account thread, you see what happened.  If you go to the article, Twitter rudely intercepts you and claims the article is dangerous or spammy.  It lets you through.  The article, written with Jeremy Leffredo, is titled “Developers of Oxford Astra-Zeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement”.  The article describes some of the principles in the company (Astra-Zeneca) as linked to the Welcome Trust, and then some at least indirect links to quasi-eugeneics movements of the past.  As you get to that part of the article it might have been better if I could find more authoritative links proving her point, but it seems credible, because “conflicts of interest” and questionable connections among people have always happened in the past.  She is also connected on Twitter to “The Last American Vagabond”, whose Twitter account is currently suspended.  The site seems a little over the top (Breitbart-like) but, well, read it and make up your own mind, check some the claims out (about masks) if you like.

Twitter warns on a personal website link

This situation might have played out differently had the UnlimitedHangout site been owned by someone other than her.  This state of affairs could play into the dangers of the Senate’s proposed “Safe Tech” Act that I discussed here on March 25.

Patreon suspends account for personal website post

I need to re-emphasize, yes, go to these sites and see how credible you think they are for yourself.  As for myself, I have taken both Pfizer shots, and still wear an N95 clone mask when out in public.  I still generally avoid indoor gatherings.  The availability of other opinions or materials (like the current debate on vaccine passports) does not dissuade me from doing what is in my own interest and I believe a common good.

But possibly the public health threat (that the variants outrun the vaccines) seems so dire that Big Tech believes it needs to behave in an authoritarian matter and manipulate people into obedience for their own good.  It’s the nanny state. Like Dictator Dan in (Victoria) Australia which (along with New Zealand) has done very well in almost crushing the virus to almost zero even before the vaccines. 

 Reminder: because I have access to inherited funds, I do not believe I would (or should) be allowed to use Patreon.  But if I did, I would be concerned that if I took money from Patreon as a way to make a living (even as a "contractor") they could control what I could say anywhere else besides their platform. 

So we see again what Tim Pool calls “the authoritarian Left”. 

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