Sunday, April 18, 2021

Nietzsche, Ayn Rand, and malignant avoidance of those who fall behind, and then need to organize as a marginalized group


Charlottesville UVA Rotunda 2007

I have to react to one of Umair Haque’s sermons on Eudaimonia, “Why America’s an ulta-violent society. America’s had 1.4 mass shootings a day in 2021 (not counting the police incidents).  That’s a living nightmare."  He uses my favorite word, "prole".  

He boils it down to Ayn Rand, and earlier Nietzsche.

The superior man, in this translation of philosophy, does not “care” about someone who is constitutionally weaker and less capable. He won’t bond with anyone who isn’t a good reflection of his own values.

The philosophy sounds like this.  Everyone can be assigned a grade for their “worth” in life.  But assets held that exploited someone else’s labor is a moral debt.  Such debt can be prevented by being good at doing manual things for oneself, and helping others as a kind of payback.  If one has more moral standing than one deserves, it can be strengthened by uplifting someone else.  This includes the idea that everyone should be able to provide for a family and raise children, even of someone else’s, if necessary in a family. Personal eldercare fits into this.  It also presents an extreme case where sometimes one has to be willing to fight with others one does not like to protect those really left behind in a system that has no pull of equity to compensate for privilege. 

Still upward affiliation (which sometimes may be erotic and part of sexuality) becomes, in practice, a way people add to self-worth (2014 essay by me).   

I can rationalize a core belief that people can logically be ranked (legacy piece). The modern term for this is "social credit system".  The external sin is "malignant avoidance" of the necessary sharing of personal sacrifice, in outlier circumstances. The term could be seen as synonymous with "cowardice" as related to externally imposed circumstances. The latter is a word we don't use in that context any more much (ever since we stopped the draft in 1973).  

The video today, from Montreal lawyer Viva Frei, shows the absurdity of the far Left’s use of the idea of intersectionality and “microaggression” – and its intolerance in wielding  its authoritarian power in this regard to force its norms, in throwing a student out of the UVa medical school.  This sounds like Patrisse Cullors bragging about Marxism, an incident that sounds like it happened in China.

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