Saturday, April 10, 2021

Journalist attacked in Detroit out of pure tribal malice, as protesters claim he is an enemy for not joining them


Detroit MGM 2012

Journalist Brendan Gutenschwager covers a very disturbing incident in Detroit where he was assaulted by protesters when the protest security tried to order him to leave (Twitter thread). The protest concerned evictions and could have been construed not only with regard to race but also capitalism and Marxism, given the pandemic.

Of course he has the right to film a demonstration in a public place.

The “security” officer complained he was part of the problem.  Because he is white?  Probably more because he doesn’t (in their eyes) have “skin in the game” (well he does it for a living), or is a “spectator” when they need “activists”.

This reminds me of protesters going into outdoor restaurants and confronting diners that they must join them.  

Update: April 12

Ford Fischer has a thread showing how this kind of behavior reflects a belief that "primary source independent journalism amounts to endorsement", as with this thread.    Ironically, when I looked at it, Twitter claimed Brendan's tweet was unavailable but when I tried a second time it worked. Ford says te Proud Boys have tried to remove him from a public space before claiming that he was "Antifa".  A line of TPB walked right past me in Washington DC Nov. 14 when I was filming them myself. (And, no I am not "endorsing" them.  I haven't had anything taken down, but YouTube and Facebook seem to fear that this is what the public believes, as a result of tribalism.)

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