Friday, April 09, 2021

How some people make money on YouTube without creating their own videos (by "re-uploading", legally, with licenses)


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“Caffeinated Blogger” explains how to make a living on YouTube by reuploading elements of videos, legally, to create “relaxation channels” that are popular.

He suggests using the sites Story Blocks, Social Blade, and Pexels to find scenery and background music with Creative Commons licenses or very low cost licenses to use legally.

The title of the video sounds sleazy, “How to make money on YouTube without making videos yourself from scratch”.

It takes some hours of effort and then a few months to build up a channel with the required subscribers and viewing hours to become eligible for monetization.

Why do I present this concept?  To encourage the visitor to consider what “commercial viability” can mean.

This is stuff “real” people want, not necessarily the same as what you want to say. I’ll probably revisit this topic soon.

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