Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Fuentes on no-fly list? Florida wants to stop tech censorship; Tucker Carlson goes after kids with masks


Tampa 2015

Conservative activist Nick Fuentes says he has been placed on the no-fly list, despite not having been charged with anything regarding January 6.  He denies he was in the Capitol or participated in any way in planning the riot.

He has been banned from most social media platforms (except twitter).  It’s possible that his behavior on a certain flight contributed to the action, Daily Dot story.   He found out when he tried to book a flight to appear at a conference focusing on his social media bans.

Lauen Chen discussed this development, along with a Florida bill to stop social media companies from banning elected officials and requiring them to provide much clearer guidance as transparency as to who is removed from platforms. (But then how do you ban Russian trolls?- WFLA Story/ 

Texas is considering such a law.  Tim Pool has already said he may move, again, to one of these states.

And Tucker Carlson really opened his mouth. Big time.  NYDailyNews story.

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