Friday, March 05, 2021

YouTube policies make it difficult for right wing groups to hold public conferences and present their videos (or do they?)


Landing in Orlando 2015

Conservative gatherings are finding that they have to tell guests not to talk about the election (or at least Trump’s claims that the election was rigged) or risk losing access to YouTube, as in a story on ReclaimtheNet today about Right Side Broadcasting.  which made a lot of videos recently at CPAC in Orlando.

Recently I linked to another story on their site concerning news coverage of protests making these claims, which even can include protests of coronavirus lockdowns.

If a conservative group wants to cover these claims, it would seem to need to use a “free speech” provider like Bitchute or Odyssey, although its possible the Left could put pressure on them through hosting and infrastructure layer companies. .

Although I certainly accept the results of the election as a whole, there are some issues with absentee voter processing that need a lot more attention than they have gotten; Big Tech seems to be trying to stifle talking about this out of fear that conservatives will use this topic to drive away minority voters (as with numerous state laws being proposed).   There is also an unusual fear of accidentally triggering violence among naïve and mentally unstable visitors (as with January 6, and earlier incidents like PizzaGate).

With the vaccine issue (and I have taken the first shot, Pfizer), yes, I get it: it’s important to get people vaccinated quickly to stop the variants and prevent a possible catastrophe that we don’t see coming.  Tech doesn’t like to see amateur speech that will drive away the common good of getting everyone immune if possible.  With the lockdown ideology issue, it is much murkier, as there is so much uneven personal sacrifice.  And WHO and CDC have often not gotten it right at first, when amateur speakers did. 

Right Site Broadcasting, by the way, is promoting a film “The Plot Against the President”.  I hadn’t heard of it.  Watch the pitch “at your own risk”.  Note at 3:00 in the video where the speaker says “we can’t” talk about that.

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