Thursday, March 18, 2021

YouTube offers a seven-day delayed DMCA takedown, which will work for claimants "in good faith" only


Little day trip after vaccination 

Leonard French, on his Lawful Masses YouTube channel, lately keeps coming up with topics that my own audience needs to know about, and that often I haven’t heard of yet.

Here we go again.

Now YouTube offers copyright claimants a seven-day delayed takedown, which Google (which owns YouTube) explains here.

If a content creator takes down the video in the seven days, no copyright strike results.  There may be time for the creator and claimant to work out the claim privately, it the claimant acts in good faith. But that is the rib – the claimant needs to be willing.  A troll will not (and that will play into the Case Act).

French also makes a comment about the difficulties with YouTube’s self-certification program for content creators.

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