Wednesday, March 03, 2021

YouTube keeps taking down news videos showing extremists complaining about the 2020 election (wants context inside the video???); also, Parler and Section 230


Tidal Basin 2007

Once again, YouTube has taken down News2Share videos (FordFischer) and this time gave his channel the first of three allowable strikes.

One of the videos is an argument between Trump supporters and apparent Antifa on inauguration day, in an encounter filled with hyperbole typical of anger and extremism.  Ford’s Twitter URL for this is here.

 The video is backed up on Odyssey (embedded here).

A second video was taken at a MAGA march in December, and was used by Rolling Stone (paywall), link 

Again, the problem seems to be that there is no context within the video.  YouTube community guidelines seem to imply average viewers won’t understand news context unless they are explicitly spoonfed so and will think this is actual advocacy.

Contextual overlays within the video might solve the problem.

I have some older videos like this myself on my channel, but none since mid November 2020, before stricter policies went into effect.  Occasionally, however, I have filmed events or confrontations that no other news outlet has covered at all. 

 (Update: March 4:  Ford's appeal was denied.  YT claims its violates "spam, deceptive practices, and scams".  I don't see how that is true;  the protesters are just expressing their political opinions.  I think YouTube fears that when independent journalists film and publish extremists' protests, that others will be drawn into public extremism just to get the attention of the media.  However, there have been other instances when Ford interviews a protester, the protester "calms down" and starts to reflect on why "they" are there.   March 5:  ReclaimtheNet has a story on this latest incident.   March 7.  Daily Dot has a similar story where YouTube doubled down on its "election integrity policy" even though it creates absurd situations, because of the recent threats and occurrences of violence mostly from Trump supporters.  March 11.  Fischer has his own piece in Daily Dot, and has, with suspension lifted, re-uploaded three videos with his neutralizing commentary, for example this.)

As for “Beware March 4”, the Capitol seems pretty secure.  I don’t intend to be downtown as I have too much homework now (like screenplay to turn in, etc).

Also, here is an important piece, dated January 21, 2021, from International Governance, Parler, and Section 230.  We will start hearing more about 230 again soon. Parler appears to be back up and I have an account, which I have not posted to.  I looked at Gab the other day and saw nothing too terrible, plenty of reputable journalists use it.  

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