Saturday, March 13, 2021

Why the United States Can't Handle a Crisis (and many people can't either)

Wind turbine in Arbuckle Mts OK 2018

Second Thought has a damning video “Why the United States Can’t Handle Crises?

I’m reminded of a Ted Talk from 2017 by Helena’s Samuel Feinburg, which I linked in a post April 17 2020, which starts “We are terrible at listening to warnings about disaster.”

The video today goes through three crises:  Obesity, climate change, and coronavirus.

The obesity crisis is exacerbated by media manipulation by the sugar industry, based on research in the 1950s which established that over consumption of sugar was more destructive than fat itself (I remember the Mirkin diet from the 90s however).

The climate change crisis is illustrated by the catastrophe in Texas in February with the freeze.

And we’ve covered the politicization of the coronavirus at a personal level, like the mask issue, constantly.  The video accuses American’s for their selfishness leading to genocide.  But the usual answer for this kind of selfishness is something like doomsday preperism and localism, which is a paradox. 

But it primarily blames capitalism, like most of the Left, with the obsession of short term profits.  It has hollowed out the economy so that young people depend on a gig economy and can't afford to have kids.   Let’s say it blames extreme capitalism.  The video admits that Scandanavian style regulated capitalism can work.  It doesn’t convert that to identarianism and anti-racism. 

 But there are bright spots. Like B-corporations (maybe David Hogg's pillow company is a promising (not "right') idea.  

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