Saturday, March 27, 2021

States developing smartphone vaccine and test passports; will vaccines collar the variants they squeeze?


Catoctins, day trip 

New York State has sponsored a smartphone app that would tell a facility (convention hall, theater, bar, etc) your vaccination status and about recent negative COVID tests.

USA Today has the story, by Karen Weintraub et al. 

Other states would need to develop the same (by copying the open source software) and states would need to recognize each other’s info. 

I understand that NYS waives the testing an quarantine requirements for visitors two weeks after completing vaccination, for two+ months.  I hope this will extend to longer soon.

VOA News has a discussion of vaccine company trials against variants, with special emphasis on Brazil’s which may be the most troubling;  protection specifically against Brazil is likely to protect against South Africa and several new variants in the US.  But it will take several months to test new vaccines well enough to use, although we hardly have time for full phase 3 trials. 

John Campbell discusses the concern that vaccines could drive the virus to mutate more quickly, unless given to everyone very quickly (around the world).  Existing vaccines do seem likely to prevent serious illness from variants with less likelihood of stopping transmissible asymptomatic infection that can be passed to the unvaccinated.

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