Monday, March 15, 2021

Non Fungible Tokens and copyright of digital properties; Bayesian thinking and "social justice" controversies


Charlottesville 2020


Attorney Leonard French discusses the concept of non fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain (or on a blockchain, as there can be many) to establish ownership of digital property.

One problem is that someone could file a fraudulent claim of ownership, which would be a crime, in a manner comparable to falsifying closing papers for a real estate or land closing.

A NFT would not stop others from viewing the property or even storing it privately (although if they used P2P or BitTorrent they would still get caught).

Also today I found an 8-minute video by Julia Galef about the value of Bayesian thinking.     Yes, generally a Bayesian thinker (as a critical thinker) would be more likely not to overestimate the value of new evidence that seems to validate their (political or social) beliefs.  A good question might be, was James Damore’s essay at Google about gender in tech employment a good example of Bayesian thinking?

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