Sunday, February 14, 2021

Youtuber suddenly has channel removed for, what, just talking about Bitcoin?


Middletown MD

Allison Morrow interviews Eric Hunley after a livestream of his discussing bitcoin was removed and then his entire channel removed suddenly.

There seems to be no apparent explanation for what could be an AI glitch.  He says he has never had any community guidelines strikes.

There are plenty of other channels on YouTube that discuss crytocurrencies and bitcoin, especially tech channels that go into how blockchain works. 

He said he had about 30000 subscribers and wasn’t “controversial”.  The automated email to him mentioned illegal schemes.  But there is nothing illegal about bitcoin or cryptocurrency by itself. 

  Update: Hunley has been restored, details. There is a suggestion that he raised a red flag because he did nor ordinarily talk about cryptocurrency and offered some kind of contest.  But a series of his videos have not been restored (yet). 

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