Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Linked-In "retires" a course in anti-racism by DiAngelo as apparently overly coercive and extremist


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Yesterday, on the Books blog, I reported Amazon’s apparently surreptitious removal of a book critical of transgender “ideology”.  Now we see corporate America maybe finally putting the brakes on Left-wing excesses, as LinkedIn “retired” a course “Confronting Racism, by Robin DiAngelo”.

Dr. Karlyn Borysenko explains, with some glee.

This all came up after stories that Coca Cola has asked its white employees to act less “white” whatever that means.

To segregate “white” employees and tell them they are supposed to feel guilty about their ancestors is way over the top.

Actually, 25 years ago, well before Y2K, companies were already getting to the point that they would fire people for explicit racism.  In Minneapolis, a woman was fired for passing a racist remark on a Postit Note in handwriting, and it made the Star Trubune newspaper in late 1997, just after I had transferred there with ReliaStar.  That’s a tremendous change in ten years, when previously (in the early 80s, under Reagan) it had been acceptable to make wisecracks about pro football players when making up the weekly pool. 

There is another disturbing story, of Slate suspending a podcaster Mike Pesca for merely talking naming a racial slur in a subjunctive context.  English needs more conjugation to show abstraction from fact (subjunctive mood in French). The New York Times has engaged in some of the same behaviors. 

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