Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Facebook gets dirty with RobinHood v. Wall Street fiasco; Twitter calls spying on employer "critical theory" indoctrination as "hacking"; Biden administration looks at tech companies as part of his sphere



Facebook took down Robinhood Stock Traders, an investor discussion group, out of fear that it had somehow manipulated share prices of Game Stop and other securities (like AMC Theaters and Blackberry). Reuters reports (and AOL picked up the story). 

Yet the explanation given by Facebook to discussion group founder Allen Tran was that it contained adult content, which was a “lie”.  (The company founder is Vlad Tenet, who is also young.)

Facebook had suspended the group as a “dangerous organization”. 

Eventually the group was restored.

In the meantime, Robinhood would indicate that it regulated trading because it did not have the short term capital to cover all the risk.

Karlyn Borysenko has an interesting take on reporting what was sent to her about CVS’s employee training with critical theory.  She was suspended from posting on Twitter for 12 hours for reporting “hacked content” sent to her by a CVS employee, regarding materials like the definition of “intersectionality”, “privilege”, and “misappropriation” – as if these were “trade secrets”.

Then David Rubin (above) discussed when Hen Psaka is saying the Biden administration will jawbone tech companies into left-leaning censorship, as if they didn’t do enough of that already.

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