Sunday, January 10, 2021

What my own personalized "journalism" means to me


Me at 17

Within the next couple of weeks, I will give more specific details as to the times (mostly very early 2022, one year from now) when I will have to shut down most of my blogs and greatly simplify my presence, mostly into one blog and channel.

A lot of this is driven by my advancing age, and by the fact that my work needs to be supportable by someone besides me. I’ve discussed the issue of my domain name and trademark implications before, as well as “commercial viability” before, and will make a more detailed statement on the Notes blog, at the latest being right after the inauguration.

There could be a lot more shutdowns and changes in the Internet world in the coming few weeks as a result of the deep concern over radicalization online, in the wake of the Capitol attacks January 6 and many prior incidents, going back to Charlottesville.  Visitors would have heard about the situation with Parler, which could go dark tonight.  I have an account on it but have not used it.

The other possibility that could come into play might be much more severe lockdowns soon, which could affect “gratuitous” sites like mine, in my opinion.  I won’t rehearse all the arguments right now. Possibly, for example, I wouldn't be allowed to continue "citizen journalism" again without "press credentials" (a concept we haven't talked about much). 

I do want people to understand what I think I accomplish with my own presence. 

It’s mainly early warning and connecting the dots.  Reminding readers of other unintended consequences of policy changes or of remaining scientific uncertainties or even enemy threats.

Today, I posted on my “Bill on Major Issues Blog” (see profile) a link to a story about concerns that spike proteins of the coronavirus may be more harmful, even when separated from the virus, than previously thought.  Not conclusive.  But possibly significant in how soon or thoroughly we can get back to individual freedom as we knew it before mid March of 2020. 

A world in which people have to be preoccupied with the fact that their own bodies may be undetected weapons against others my mere physical proximity is not a world for individualism.  Ironically, even though the pandemic may have been “convenient” for introverts who like to work “home alone”, in the long run it is very bad for people who don’t function well in intimate, closed social structures (as I don’t).

So I don’t allow others (like non-profits) to do my speaking for me.  I don’t allow others do enter my personal space in a public area and demand that I join them, no matter how oppressed their group is or how “privileged” they think I am.

And I don’t fight or join movements or especially mobs.

It is becoming apparent to me that upgrading the quality of my screenplay based on the three books might have a positive impact on the viability of my other activities.  As of this time, I expect to have a presentable version by Monday, February 15,

(The video is my statement in a recent Zoom call about my own screenplay.  The other speaker is the group leader Tyler Mowery.)

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