Thursday, January 21, 2021

Virtual Legality has YouTube taken down for merely mentioning a group involved in Jan. 6 "incident"


Detroit, Aug. 2012

Richard Hoeg, and his Virtual Legality channel from Michigan, reports on a YouTube takedown of a video 6 months old for “harassment and bullying” in which he was criticizing Twitter’s take down of material from a certain group associated with the Capitol Riots January 6.  I think we can presume that the group is “Q” (like the character in James Bond movies, yeah).

Apparently YouTube went through some other videos and removed any that mentioned the group??  Here we have the problem with “talking about”  v. promotion.

This is very disturbing, to take down a video that is obviously legal analysis.

This sounds like one of those cases where the English language needs a formal subjunctive mood, with endings in verb conjugation, like French.

I’ll mention a clip from the riot in which a cop was told by a rioter, “I’ll spare you because you have kids.”  What?  If I had been a cop I am more expendable because I am childless?  The incel argument?

I’m also perturbed with comments from Antifa (Movies blog Jan 20) about companies complaining about property damage when some people are dying (well, some of these are small businesses) and that rich white people have to be disrupted when they’re dining “by the real world”. 

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