Monday, January 11, 2021

Trump prepares to react to his own takedown ; more on where I stand right now


Parker has lost its hosting 

Kevin Liptak at CNN warns that Donald Trump may “lash out” at “Big Tech” today, and make announcements in a speech that major media (outside of “conservative” media) will not carry. As I noted on a review of an Atlantic article in the Books blog in January 2019, on paper his emergency powers are considerable, including practically shutting down the entire Internet.  As a practical matter, it might be possible to stop this with immediate invocation of the 25rh Amendment, which Pence has 24 hrs to decide on today.  (Later: Fox reports that Trump will speak at 1:30 PM today).

The Wall Street Journal, with Ryan D. Tracey and John McKinnon, discuss the increased pressure on Congress to roll back downstream liability protections of Section 230, and I have discussed various proposals on these blogs recently (one of which is to protect hosting with common carrier language). Biden has reportedly doubled down on his idea that Section 230 should be repealed outright, to prevent radicalization and “stochastic terrorism” (a term that the “communist” Non-compete YouTube channel was using before anyone else did, as also did Countrapoint.)

I’ll not that Parler is gone this morning, but Gab is still there.  I don’t know why they went after Parler first, unless it is because Gab seems to have built its own infrastructure.

Cloudflare intercepts Gab access

I have indicated that I will pin down my own plans more soon, probably right after the Inauguration when things are settled down a bit more. I cannot dismiss the possibility of sudden disruption of the services that I use.

My main concern is to be able to wind up with a simpler, consolidated presence in 2022, along with the completion of a few projects that right now are largely offline.   

If there were a sudden shutdown and restart, I would hope to continue with the plans I had laid out.  I’m not entitled to more time because others didn’t get out of losses and hardship either.   However, it my sites were taken down because they were seen as “gratuitous” or “inessential”, they could not be continued, and the ability to set up the simpler presence I have contemplated would be in peril.

There are other things to say about all this.  I am, as of today, eligible for vaccination as a member of group 1B (I am age 77), and the logistics of getting the vaccine are uncertain. The vaccine of choice is likely to be Moderna, which means two shots 21 days apart, and then a period of two weeks afterward before I am considered fully protected.  But after a minimum of 5 weeks (toward the end of February) I would be able to move about and function safely, although wearing a mask to protect others while indoors (we don’t know if the vaccine sterilizes one from infecting others for sure). 

That would mean that I ought to be willing to volunteer in person for activities like food banks.  I used to do that with Community Assistance in Arlington once a month, although I was not particularly useful.  I do have a hip issue that can make prolonged standing an issue.  I have driven delivery for Food and Friends, but continuing to do so presented a security issue which I won’t get into right now.  But after successful vaccination, I should deal with this stuff.

 I won’t to remind others, please do not ask me to “join” you in “solidarity” because I should share your “oppression”.  Please do not expect me to prove myself in public by “raising money” for “your” intersectional causes.  My life cannot be predicated on quid pro quo, of some kind of demanded allyship.  Do not barge in when restaurant dining resume and demand my public solidarity, as a price for being online.  Of course, I understand the point of your “silence is violence” as a kind of “relativistic hate speech”.

There is something about my background that makes “fighting” impossible, at this stage of life.  Please respect that.  Of course, I realize the dangerous implications of having to say this, when the world has become unstable.

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