Friday, January 29, 2021

The lawyers weigh in on RobinHood, GameStop, short sellers, and ordinary investors


San Francisco 2018

Leonard French has a 23-minute video that explains the class action suit against Robin Hood for braking investors from buying GameStop, apparently motivated by the desire to short sellers (also clients) from catastrophe.

One idea to get a dismissal might be to claim the RobinHood’s terms of service allowed it this discretion to stop unusual activity.

But of course, this is a battle that curiously parallels the battle for free speech from independents who provide unwelcome competition to established corporate media interests.  In this case, small investors want to have the power of corporate hedge funds. 

French looks swashbuckling in his pirate hat, but says he lost a decade of his life financially to the crash of 2008.

Hoeg Law has two videos (nearly 90 minutes) on this, too much, but offers a link to the court papers. 

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