Friday, January 15, 2021

Teen entrepreneur suggests a way to organize content creators, maybe would help with accommodating to more restrictive opportunities given political climate and Section 230 loss

UNC Chapel Hill, 2015

Teenage entrepreneur Max Reisinger, 17, in Chapel Hill NC (I think), announced his idea for forming content creator groups today as adjunct to his clothing business called Perspectopia.,

The video makes no mention of politics or the obvious problems right now with social media censorship (or the critical national security situation), but reading behind the lines, he seems to be thinking about how content creators can work if YouTube and other platforms are faced in loss of Section 230 downstream liability protection, early in the Biden administration, for which there will be a lot of pressure given current events (to say the least).

I don’t know whether he would forbid “politics” in his setup, but the video does seem to suggest that platforms will start paying more attention to whether creators really have commercial viability.

I must say that Perspectopia offers some intriguing extrasolar planet cityscape artwork.  The speed of light would create a problem for staying in touch with us earthlings on social media.

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