Thursday, January 07, 2021

Significant changes to DMCA and Safe Harbor proposed; some talk about YouTube's policies on election misinfo resurface


Near Dumfries VA

Leonard French presents a discussion draft to “Reform the Digital Millennium Copyright Act”, by Tom Tillis (R-NC),

Users would have to provide identifying information when doing uploads, which hosts would have a fiduciary responsibility to protect.  Presumably this could be done once for all future uploads on a typical site (like for a Wordpress blog).  This would facilitate copyright claims made by the owner in the future.  It might also roll into the CASE Act, and facilitate rooting out copyright trolls trying to misuse the simplified claims process. 

There would be a “notice and stay down” feature.

There would be “black lists” for parties which file false DMCA claims.

The draft had included the CASE Act, which is now passed. French estimates it will take the Copyright Office at least six months to set up the small claims tribunal.

There have been reports on Twitter (I can’t confirm) that YouTube has doubled-down on election misinformation after yesterday.  It had already made that announcement Dec. 9 and I can’t see that it has changed.  But YouTube’s doing so might arguably have shut down discussion of various Trump frivolous lawsuits to disrupt January 6.  In theory, the public has a right to know about claims before any court, however silly. (The weakness of the Electoral Count Act of 1877 was rather surprising and disturbing.)  Some observers (including Tim Pool) believe the courts were too quick to dismiss suits for lack of standing without hearing any claims at all, leaving the public to wonder if anything really could have been missed. UPdate:  CNET explains this:  another block on "election fraud theories" was to start Jan 20 has been pushed up to today and will lead to community guidelines strikes (story on Alphabet-Google union). YouTube apparently announced this on Twitter here (4-post thread). 

Youtubers may want to know that they can put videos on the blockchain with  I don’t know the details yet.   Chris Martenson used it after a couple of videos where he discussed Ivermectin for Covid were removed (I personally think they were scientifically valid and YT was wrong.) 

Facebook has banned Trump for the last two weeks, and Twitter suspended him based on deleting certain tweets. 

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