Friday, January 01, 2021

Senate overrides NDAA veto, as attack on Section 230 halts; curious note about Pence lawsuit; informal note about my own plans (to be followed up soon formally)


180 miles W of Dallas, 2018

First, a piece of breaking news.  The Senate overrode Trump’s veto on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) without changes today, New Years Day. The NBC News story is by Sahil Kapur et al.  This was the first override of a Trump veto (there have been nine now). 

Steven Lubet, in an op-ed for The Hill, reports that the Louie Gohmert lawsuit against Pence has a deliberate misrepresentation to the Court about a supposed alternate slate of electors from the Arizona legislature.  I had never heard of this practice.  But there was no news of action from the Texas court today and I don’t know if Pence was aware of this in writing his “response”.

The Senate has adjourned until noon Sunday January 3, 2021 so it is not possible for any legislation drawn up to delete Section 230 to pass in the 116th Congress.

I wanted, this New Years Day, to note (right now writing in "informal tone") that after one more year, at the start of 2022, my own online operation will be greatly stripped down and simplified.  That is likely to mean discontinuing use Blogger.  I had explained some of this in this posting on Wordpress on Feb 27, 2019 (about one year before we were gripping the meaning of the pandemic). In general, I think that in 2022, I will have one regular Wordpress website and possibly another one on the blockchain, with storage of the books at least on the blockchain. There are various reasons, explained there, why this needs to happen (not the least of which is I am getting older and must make it simpler for others to take over). From my viewpoint, availability of the books as now from Amazon with the DADT wordmark can continue for one more year after that (until Jan. 2023) until a sunset. All of this can change if there is more commercial viability (which is what the movie script addresses).  

I would not expect to be able to keep the YouTube channel indefinitely, given the signs (and talk of “commercial viability”).  So during 2021 I will work on upgrading skills in video, including Final Cut editing and the idea of gearing up to produce videos that are more like submittable short films.  I have one major idea already, but it will not be possible until the pandemic calms down and we can travel around and meet more freely.

I expect to make a more detailed statement of my plans on the DADT Notes blog (Wordpress) after the January 6th “Sh__ Show”, I believe by Monday January 11, 2021. 

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