Monday, January 04, 2021

People in the West resist the personal sacrifices from a layered pandemic; when should you protest?


Dumfries, socially-distanced day trip

Eudaimonia’s Umair Haque gives daily tongue-lashings about capitalism, but this one today makes it more personal than ever before “2020 Revealed the truth of our societies – and it was ugly:  the year we weren’t in it together”.

Well, look at how most people who do their work online – at home – went about their lives as if nothing else mattered.  True, they wore masks, but they were well situated enough to get around the restrictions safely. The risk and sacrifice went to the working classes – as we see from the battle over the stimulus. 

We don’t like to be told we are in the same lifeboat together with people we don’t look up to. 

I certainly have a problem with making it meaningful to help the “needy” because I feel that makes neediness “all right”.  So I make my own separate calculations.

OK, I wear a good mask, and I avoid all indoor gatherings and dining.  I have postponed all but “regional” (alone in a car) daytime travel. I live alone, but apartment hygiene is an issue (inherited clutter, not easy to remove in a highrise building).  Some of the travel slowdown had been planned ahead for unrelated reason. So I don’t really belong to the “cause”.

Of course, if I was needy at one time and uplifted, the right way to justify myself is to uplift someone else.  But that is still an intellectual abstraction, not heartfelt personally.

 Haque could (in advancing his Marxism) have given the example of the "discipline' of China's citizens to accept hardship and sacrifice for the common good, which gives Xi Jinping a blank check, like for his initial coverup of the pandemic.

Then consider this video by Karlyn Borysenko.  I am with her 100% on her pieces on critical race theory. And I am with her that protesting (or even individualized self-expression, life mine)  isn’t always about outcomes.  But at 5:15 in the video she says, “If you aren’t a fighter you’re a coward.”  That sounds like talking about draft dodging in the past.  Or more like a left-wing version of solidarity.

But I don’t get why she still thinks Trump should be president, or why the election was “stolen”.

Consider this latest fact-finding piece by the Washington Post on all the claims about the “steal”.

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