Sunday, January 17, 2021

More on alternate platforms (and the World According to Louis Rossmann)


NYC 2016

OK, maybe this post will be politically incorrect for Google. 

Louis Rossmann, the NYC Apple Mac repair guy, has a recent video where he discusses the topic of alternative free speech platforms. 

He then discusses his own use of “” (don’t confuse with and where he has 0.5% of the traffic he gets on YouTube, as a backup.  He is also critical of how the smartphone app (probably iOS, but possibly droid too) gets hung up and loses its place.

Here is the URL for the same video on lbry.  I also tried embedding a recent video by Tim Pool regarding the security situation on Congress, which is pretty terrible.

Rossmann is explicitly critical of how when one major platform removes a customer, the others usually follow suit.  This has happened before, as Parler found out.  Parler seems to be in the middle of its migration to Epik, which is where Gab went in November 2018 after the Pittsburgh incident.

Recode (Vox) discussed the problem of mass-deplatforming of sites with extremist users or content, in an article by Rebecca Heilweil.   All of these alternative sides would have tremendous problems if Section 230 is completely revoked during the Biden administration.  Some people do have the tech savvy to build their own servers and connect to the backbone themselves, but that still could run into policies of major telecom backbones (and facilitating hate speech).  

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