Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Do social media and other communications need to be shut down for a while after a violent insurrection during a transfer or power?

July 4 2016

I’ll share a video from Virtual Legality (Hoeg Law), “This Is Not the Fall”.

I have to say, however, that this dangerous and shameful spectacle of unrest and violence at the Capitol today would not have happened without the misuse of the Internet.

This was obviously planned, and maybe a lot of it on the Dark Web, a part not normally found on search engines or in open processing. This could lose to calls for a shutdown of many communications, maybe of social media, before the inauguration, as other incidents happen (like one in Olympia WA that Avi Schiffmann just reported). 

I can’t go into all the wrinkles of my thought process, but the apparent “gratuitousness” of my own self-publication, which might confuse those who are unstable or simply not educated about how blogging really works in a political or cultural sense, certainly can be on the chopping block in the future.  Many people, particularly before the Internet, were used to getting their information through familial or social structures with authority chains;  since there is more independent information self-published in circulation today, some individuals (especially in what we call the "alt-right") seem to believe that truth (including moral values regarding equity, equality, individuality or personal agency) are relative or arbitrary, leading it to be harder to resolve serious problems that show injustice. When speech is more aggregated into identity groups whose members have standing or "skin in the game", sometimes iot is easier for these groups to attain more equity.   I discussed, even on Jan. 1, my own plans for simplification at the start of 2022.  I hope things can hang together that long.  

Update:  Jan. 8.  See LA Times column by Julia Wick in Essential California, "The social media reckoning (again)".  It links to another column "Blame social media companies for D.,C. riot, too".  I blame the rioters themselves. 

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