Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cuomo wants businesses to use rapid tests to reopen; Biden administration urged to look at COVID as "bioterror" (by accident)

NYC 2015

NBCNewYork reports on Jan. 13 that Gov. Cuomo is experimenting with letting venues and businesses offer rapid antigen tests to customers, who must test negative (15 minute turnaround) to be admitted.  If they test positive, they must isolate and get a regular test. 

The idea is being proposed for apartment or condo buildings for residents. 

Ideally, a test result would be stored on a smart phone, and an automated contact tracing system would warn others (Virginia and other states has a voluntary contact exposure program).  There is a patent dispute with this idea discussed today on my Trademark blog.

 The New York Times (Jennifer B. Nuzzo et al) writes today that the Biden administration should treat the vaccination program as a response to bioterror.  That is, a tacit admission that we are at war with China (which was culpable by some kind of semi-accident), which has enormous implications for curtailment of individual rights.  Even as Trump is gone.

Embedded video from Wall Street Journal (Jan 14, paywall possible).   Apoorva Mandavilli has an article in the NYT Jan 20 about concerns over vaccine effectiveness especially against South African and Brazil strains (leads to other links). 

(Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 9 PM EST)

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