Friday, January 22, 2021

Cancel culture expands on both sides now that Biden has prevalied

Loudoun County Courthouse, VA, 2021

And now there is semi-outrage from the free-speech crowd (to which I belong) of the firing from the (“left libertarian”) Niskanen Center over a joke from executive Will Wilkinson. Alex Shepard critques in The New Republic.  Robby Soave comes at it from another angle in Reason.  He had tweeted a hyperbole about “lynching” Mike Pence, which should have been understood as satire by anyone familiar with what happened Jan. 6.  Yet, almost any speech could be interpreted as “incitement” if there is a political motive to do so. (Sorry, not enough people are familiar with the late Gode Davis’s unfished film “American Lynching”?  PBS may still have an interest in it, I hope.)

 I became familiar with Niskanen in 2016 when I was looking at the asylum seeker issue (before Trump won).  They were a bit critical of one of my emails or blog posts, but I can’t remember exactly what the issue was now.  Niskansen seems to be left of Catom

Will is a blogger with an issue focus a little like mine, as for example.  

So now is career illustrates the problem when you work for someone else because you need an income, or you need notability and validation.

On Jan 5, I had tweeted “Game time 1 PM” as a way of telling journalists I would be following the certification hearing in Congress from home.  But even that might be taken as incitement for some kind of hunt, like in a dystopian movie (especially from Lionsgate).  Around midnight of the eve of July 20, 2012, when a Batman film was to premier, I had tweeted a joke about Thursday night screenings of hit movies, and that might have turned out wrong.

Tim Pool has pointed out that corporate Democrat Big tech is now going after Leftist extremism now that Trump has won.

You really have to be careful now.

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