Saturday, January 30, 2021

BUzzfeed News gives us the chronicle of a female Army vet in the Capitol riots

Ohio, Jan 2018

You may want to look at the long article by Jessica Garrison and Ken Bensinger, “Meet the woman facing some of the most serious Capitol Riot charges?”, on BuzzfeedNews.   

The woman is Jessica Watkins (be careful because there are others with her namesake with no connection), whose road to perdition started with the best of intentions, after some devastating tornadoes in her home Dayton, Ohio in the spring of 2019.  She wanted to organize a volunteer humanitarian “militia” to keep order and assist in rebuilding when government, she and others thought, was incapable to doing it.  This sounds like healthful localism, community solidarity.

She went from an ex-Army vet and bar owner and volunteer firefighter, through the frustrations of COVID, to so gradual extreme radicalization.

It wasn’t all just about social media.

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