Monday, December 21, 2020

Trump campaign still trying to pester SCOTUS; CASE Act is in Stimulus bill



Jan Wolfe of Reuters reports that the Trump campaign will go to SCOTUS again and try to overturn the Pennsylvania election results on the basis of three decisions regarding mail-in ballots.  The story appeared on AOL, and curiously I couldn’t find it on Reuters.  CNN also has not mentioned it today.

(Dec 21 PM Livestream by RR Law group in Phoenix, link)   The underlying seems to be that the Pennsylvania courts did not have the right under Article 2 to change the election rules, only the Pennsylvania legislature did.  But the legislature could have worded the original laws to give courts and election officials some discretion. 

AG Bill Barr told CNN that there was no justification for the federal government to seize any voting machines or equipment.

Were Pennsylvania to be reversed, Biden would still have 286 electoral votes.

I wonder if YouTube will ban discussion of this latest frivolous action, based on its action on Safe Harbor Day Dec 8 (and that had nothing to do with DMCA Safe Harbor).

Also, now Peter Navarro has disturbing claims about Michigan, Washington Examiner story.  I can only say I've worked on elections in Virginia, rather low level, but this sort of thing as a premeditation sounds inconceivable.  Again, would YouTube ban a video about this now?  As an aside, I note that there is a Washington Examiner stand just outside a gay bar, Freddie's, in Arlington VA, and I wonder how many "conservative" gays there are to pick it up?  Maybe more than you think, as it is close to the Pentagon with military people. 


Congress has apparently included the CASE Act as well as another criminal copyright provision in the Stimulus bill.  I have written it up today with links on the "Major Issues blog'.  More details later. 

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