Thursday, December 03, 2020

San Diego school district imposed critical race theory on its employees


Karlyn Borysenko reports on the anti-racism training used in the San Diego Unified School District against white teachers and administrators.

It emphasizes ancestral wrongs (stolen land grabs from native Americans) and imposes guilt and obligation at a personal level in the training system.

Borysenko explains what “norms and agreements” mean in these kinds of training.

Bending the knee, like writing of letters of apology, are expected.

Combine this with the “quid pro quo” threat I have mentioned in earlier posts.

There is talk about “racial stamina”.

The training was done remotely.  My take personally is that I like to cherry-pick whom I will associate with, particularly on a public stage.

That attitude, of judging others strictly on individualized bases, will deprive others from "oppressed" groups of opportunity, so according to critical theory everyone needs to belong to groups first and accept that everything works that way. 

Picture: San Diego, May 2012, my trip 

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