Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Review again: what if you need an emergency home repair while you are quarantined?


too much clutter?

I still think that getting emergency home or condo repairs done during the pandemic if the resident is under isolation or quarantine is a serious topic.

There is surprisingly little that is recent written about it. ]

Here is a link from the UK, from Hyde Housing.  

Mostly, note that they ask the resident to move to another room and close the door.

There may be complications for apartments with someone living alone, in smaller apartments, or those where the Hvac does not replace the air.

There are lots of things that can break, especially heating or air conditioning or refrigeration. Some issues, like washing machines (get a washboard) or dishwashers could be worked around/

The emergence of rapid testing and much more efficiency could help.

So could vaccinating home repair persons early as essential workers.

Here is an article by the NLC Service Line Warranty Program. 

You might be expected to keep the bathroom and kitchen cleaned up for access to water (for washing) in addition to the area to be repaired (like a plumbing leak).

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