Friday, December 25, 2020

Plenty of essays about race make it personal when demanding action


Here are a couple of tongue-lashings from Medium for Christmas Day, on what white people are expected to do about race.

Elyze Cizek writes, “Dear white friends. Please stop pretending you care. I see right through your #BlackLivesMatter posts. Stand up for what’s right. But first look in the mirror and see what’s wrong”.  Somewhere there is a comment about being unwilling to fall in love across racial lines.

Actually, some white people have paid homage to BLM without knowing about its connection to Marxism.

But it is true, that a lot of people don’t do enough about things they know are wrong, even when it costs them something.

Corinne Shutack lists “103 things white people can do for racial justice.”  Yes, she wants actual activity, not just blog posts like this one.

  Umair Haque admits a "painful and enraging essay" when he writes "White people, we minorities live in fear of you."

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