Tuesday, December 29, 2020

McConnell throws a Section 230 "poison pill" into the $2000 stimulus; Copyright Office makes a brief statement about CASE Act


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The US Copyright Office has acknowledged on its website that the Congress passed the CASE Act on Dec. 22, 2020, and it would have become law on Sunday night, Dec. 27, when President Trump signed the entire omnibus bill into law.

It also makes a note about unauthorized streaming services.

The memo link says that the law requires the Office to have the claims mechanism operating within one year (of Dec. 22) although that can be extended for 180 days.

The Office advises visitors to check their NewsNet link regularly to check on progress.

Also, late Tuesday we learned that Mitch McConnell has crafted a bill tying the upgrading of the stimulus to $2000 to outright repeal of Section 230.  Makeena Kelly has the story for The Verge.  As of now, observers don’t expect this to get far, but we’ll watch it closely.  The “poison pill” has the flavor of intentionally induced political “class warfare”.

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