Saturday, December 19, 2020

"Martial law" keeps coming up behind closed doors; Stimulus Bill hung up on Federal Reserve, will it include CASE Act?


Capitol, Botanical Garden

The Trumpist just don’t stop the silliness, keeping the rest of us distracted.

What?  Martial law in swing states to rerun elections?  (Flynn?)  Sidney Powell??  The idea that Venezuela and Code Pink rigged the elections?  

The New York Times sums all this up. (Maggie Haberman et al).

Kevin Liptak writes it up on CNN, and Wolf Blitzer covered it tonight.  

The US Armed Forces do not get involved in elections (I would not be sure about National Guard).

Here is the latest, from the Washington Post, on the stimulus bill, and there is talk it could pass late tonight.

I don’t know whether it includes the CASE Act.  If it does, it will be important in January to get on the issue of stopping copyright trolls from using it.  YouTube’s idea of “commercial viability” might just come in handy.

The video that I embedded may be a bit over the top.

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