Saturday, December 26, 2020

Is Trump really trying to extort Congress into deleting Section 230 right now, before he signs anything? What it if all waits until Jan 20 (after the evictions start?)


lower Florida, 2017

Today, there is “loose lips” talk that suggests President Trump intends to veto everything until he leaves office unless Section 230 is “terminated” or deleted from law. ]

Some of this comes from reading Senator Lindsey Graham’s Twitter feed.  

However, the thread could also be read as implying that Graham and even Trump would accept a bill that sunsets 230 in January 2023 (the next Congress), and gives this Congress two years to reform it.

In a post Dec 24 I gave Graham’s link to the bill (it does not have a number yet).

On CNN this morning, one black member of Congress (didn’t get the name) hinted that he did not think Republicans would be willing to challenge Trump on Monday and that the override for NDAA would not happen. He suggested it would be kicked down the road until January 20, even though it would have to be reintroduced.

Yet other commentators are hinting that the president could refuse to sign anything unless Congress totally repeals 230 on Monday. 

That might be interpreted as bargaining one individuals in one tribe off against persons in another:  the millions of service people who have become unemployed due to pandemic lockdowns, against the “elite” Youtubers and techies who hide like “cowards”.  Let tech blow up, and shut everyone down (except the biggest corporate media giants as part of a state-capitalist system like China’s).  Let everybody suffer, and let everyone take their turn volunteering in the food lines (and for some people increasing their risk ofr COVID).  Coming from a Republican president, such thinking sounds not only Marxist, it is Maoist.   It has a moral parallel to the draft and deferments in the 1960s.  Trump says he hates China, but he seems to be recreating it here just to heal his ego.

It is simply about how much power your tribe has.

This is like Black Lives Matter (whose ideas, as interpreted for individuals, I support 100%) goading major social media users into supporting them publicly without realizing their Marxist connections.

Nancy Pelosi “promises” override next week in her statement, as linked on Twitter Dec. 23. 

Wall Street doesn’t seem to have noticed the scenario that could explode Monday, and the tech companies haven’t mentioned it (like how would they treat their hundreds of millions of users and stakeholders if Section230 were yanked away from them to satisfy Trump's oddly communist whim).  CNN has ambiguously hinted at it.  I wish Smerconish had been on today.  The major newspapers (WSJ, W Post and NYT) haven’t really played it up. 

I discussed the parameters for reforming 230, if we are allowed two more years to do it (not just one week) Thursday.  Mike Masnick’s summary on Techdirt deserves a reading.

It is mind-boggling what Trump has on Republicans who don’t go along with his most impetuous proposals.  What do these GOP-ers have to lose when he is gone?

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