Sunday, December 27, 2020

Graham tweets about 230 after Trump signs Covid stimulus, but Fox video makes it looks like he will intro the sunset bill; WJLA7 reports NDAA override votes will happen


VA power plant, day trip alone ("socially distanced")

As reported on the Issues Blog, Trump suddenly decided to sign the Covid19 stimulus bill and government funding tonight.  The NDAA is still the wild card.

It is difficult to tell whether the override will go through as originally intended, from all the sources.  Senator Graham tweeted that Congress will reconsider Section 230 this week (instead of the override) as if to try to get a signature. But does Graham mean immediate deletion, or does he mean the two-year sunset?

A complete deletion of Section 230 this week would shock tech and no one is talking about it on the finance sites.  It really sounds more likely that Graham’s sunset provision will be introduced.

WJLA just said that the NDAA veto override would be attempted (I tweeted the station on this was to what was going on – did they just answer it?)

The Fox news interview is only a week old and it looks like Graham really will introduce the 2-year sunset on Monday or Tuesday and it is likely to pass.

  Update Dec 28:  The House voted to override, 322-87, a blowout, Monday night. 

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