Monday, December 28, 2020

Glenn Greenwald discusses social media censorship since Trump won in 2016

Cidade Maravilhosa

 Freddie Sayers of the YT Unherd channel interviews Glenn Greenwald from home in the mountains near Rio, Brazil, about big tech censorship.

In the spring, Facebook tried to ban information on COVID that contradicted the WHO, only to find that WHO got a lot of stuff wrong at first, even masks. YouTube has sometimes banned discussion of hydroxychloroquine and ivetmectin, the latter of these has a better reputation than YT thinks. :

Greenwald thinks social media started reversing its previously libertarian position after Trump won in 2016, with all the attention to foreign bots.  But it got much worse after Charlottesville, with even web hosts getting involved, scared of the violent radicalization  Greenwald pointed out that tech picked out a few people whom it made examples of as unacceptable:  Milo Yiannopoulos and Alex Jones.  I've read Milo's book, and it is not as "extreme" as everyone imagines.  A lot of it makes sense. David Hogg pretty much destroyed Jones. 

Greenwald also thinks major corporate media (outside of Fox) is pressuring policy makers to force platforms to censor, because corporate media doesn’t want to have to deal with the low-overhead competition.  It would appear that the companies might be overstretching their breches in the spirit of Section 230, which explains the focus of the GOP recently in trying to remove it (esp. Trump himself with the veto, see previous post). 

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