Thursday, December 17, 2020

Facebook weighs in, indirectly, on how Internet content should pay its own way


Apple HQ, Cupertino CA, 2018

Facebook is mad at Apple for a planned IOS change that would prevent platforms from using targeted ads based on tracking users, as CNN reports, Samantha Murphy Kelly.

Facebook argues that smaller companies will not be able to earn enough from their sites without paywalls (which won’t work anyway for new small companies).

This whole issue plays into my own “dangerous thought experiment” video that I’ve talked about before (look at the top of my home page).

At the same time, Texas, and some other states, is suing Google, complaining about monopolistic behavior with Facebook in order to control the online ad market, even in the face of antitrust activity to break up Facebook, WSJ story by Ryan Tracy and John F. McKinnon.

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