Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A note about the "Felony Streaming Bill" adjacent to the CASE Act in the Spending Bill


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The “Lawful Masses with Leonard French” discusses the “Felony Streaming Bill” attached to the spending bill. It's a little hard to fish it out of a 5000 page document having bizarre provisions like the depiction of the Dalai Lama and misrepresentation of Smokey the Bear. 

Also attached are the CASE Act and a bill to prevent trolling by trademark applicants.

French believes that the felony penalties apply in practice to egregious streaming situations, such as where someone streams a large film before it is released, or perhaps a popular sporting event.

He does not think the provision will affect “fair use” of games. 

His video gave a nod to Richard Hoeg of Virtual Legality.

Also, Jason Kelly has Electronic Frontier Foundation's take on the passing of the CASE Act, a little bit exaggerated (again, can't the Copyright Office screen out trolls as plaintiffs?), and it links to a proposed Digital Copyrights Act (Tillis). which we'll look at later. 

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