Thursday, November 19, 2020

YouTube changes terms of service, may place ads (and keep revenue) for channels that don't monetize (including mine)


YouTube is announcing changes to its terms of service effective Nov. 20 

Hoeg Law (Virtual Legality) explains

There seem to be two major changes.

One is that forbidden accumulation of PII for distribution, as forbidden, would include “faces”, because of facial recognition technology an AI.  This may relate to unwelcome photos in private premises, loke bars (when they can open again).

The other is that low volume content creators who do not or may not join the YouTube Partnership Program may find that YouTube places ads on their videos (or has the right to) and they cannot share in the revenues.  The use of their content for ad attraction is the “cost” or a “free platform”. This relates to concerns about “commercial viability” in the Nov. 2019 TOS.  Possibly at some point that would not let smaller channels continue to publish and would become more like Netflix. But that would be announced.  The ads could have appeared any time after Nov. 18 (yesterday) and I don't see any now. 

There is also an issue in that a group was not allowed to paint a “Black PreBorn Lives Matter” panel at BLM Plaza in Washington DC because the DC government had endorsed the original plaza as its own speech (Dcist story )

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