Monday, November 30, 2020

YouTube suspended OANN over supposedly misleading coronavirus claims


Last week, YouTube suspended One America News Network (OANN) in San Diego, after it posted a video discussing a possible cure for coronavirus which YouTube says is bogus.  The network was suspended from posting for one week and has to reapply to the YouTube partner program. YT apparently says it does not consider OANN and “authoritative news source”, as it is sort of a “Baby Fox News”.  Adi Robertson explains for The Verge.

I’m not sure what that cure was.  I know that hydroxychloroquine and I believe ivermectin have not been approved by FDA or been considered sufficient for prophylactic use by peer studies, but I keep hearing anecdotal reports that sound interesting.  We should find something to give to people by mouth once they test positive.  How much biochemistry did we learn from HIV?

Brian Stelter at CNN has excoriated the network. Stelter notes that OANN often got called on a lot at Trump’s White House press conferences.  In the early days, especially when Sean Spicer was press secretary, Trey Yingst was the representative from OANN.  Trey, along with Ford Fischer, created News2Share (which Ford runs today, covering major protests and demonstrations all over the country and sometimes Europe – and has paid special heed to Chelsea Manning’s situation with a grand jury, which the “leftist” gay media has ignored).  Trey decided to work for corporate media and went to OANN (he now reports from Israel for Fox News).  Trey’s questions were usually quite balanced and probing and not necessarily “easy”.  OANN’s site looked sparse on line, but I didn’t have the impression that is views or reporting was extreme.  It does seem, to me at least, that Trump’s claims of election fraud are way over the top (and so far the courts have not sided with Trump’s claims). We do need a peaceful transition.

Again, what counts as an “authoritative news source” is becoming an important question as the tech industry ponders other likely changes (like to Section 230).

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