Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Schiffmann (creator of a major coronavirus tracker) opens a new site on 2020 election issues and voting; YouTube differentiates copyright takedowns from content-id claims


Avi Schiffmann, who created and runs a major coronavirus tracker, has created a new website examining each presidential candidate’s position on major issues, called “WhoTo

The site is broken into various policy areas with questions, and a yes or no response will highlight the supporting candidate’s position and dim the non-supporting.  On most issues, Trump and Biden are opposing.

The issues are limited to those that are open now.  There is a question on transgender people in the military because that is not settled;  there are no panels for gay marriage or the older don’t ask don’t tell because those are regarded as settled. Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s comments yesterday on “settled law” leaves open the idea that some issues are not as settled as we think.  The Affordable Care Act still hasn’t settled severability, and two justices wrote a gratuitous letter on gay marriage after turning down a case from Kim Davis.

I did not see any pandemic related questions (as to lockdowns) because these are seen as temporary.  I didn’t see any Internet and free speech or user-generated content questions, like Section 230.  I had created a pseudo-database very similar in spirit to this back in 1998 on a legacy site, such as here. This site also reminds me of the organization Braver Angels (it used to be "Better Angels") and I have gont to their forums. 

One other topic.

Here is a useful recent video from YouTube explaining the difference between copyright takedowns and content-id claims.  Copyright takedowns result in copyright strikes, whereas content-id claims do not.  I have gotten content-id claims over incidental background music outdoors!

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