Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Now California League of Cities wants to gut section 230 to force platforms to stop criminal conspiracies


Joe Mullin has an opinion on the Electronic Frontier Foundation site warning that the California League of Cities has proposed another dangerous weakening of Section 230.

The League wants “websites” (presumably social media companies) to be held responsible for any postings that plot or recruit to commit crimes, and wants them to have to monitor for that activity. The policy might be motivated by the violent protests and recruitment online that supposedly sets them up. 

Well, they pretty much do already, and Facebook in particular has very detailed policies on harmful content.

I would be more concerned if measures affected web hosts.

Theoretically, I would be required to monitor comments for criminal activity. As a practical matter, the volume is not huge (except for one comment spam day when I was supposed to fly, on Blogger; I has Askimet in the Wordpress blogs). 

Conservatives still “complain” that Section 230 allow tech companies to “censor” them, like Stephen Crowder.

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