Tuesday, September 22, 2020

YouTube will age-restrict a lot more videos


Julia Alexander writes for “The Verge” that YouTube is going to tighten its age-restrictions, using AI.

YouTube's official blog covers the new rules. 

The article maintains that it might not affect monetization much because YT believes that most of the videos monetized under the partner program are child friendly by being advertiser friendly.

Tim Pool disagrees, however, as in this video today.  I must say, some of his logic I don’t quite follow as the video progresses. Ford Fischer explained his reaction (for News2Share) in a tweet thread

Many videos might not embed without user signon to Google.  Bloggers are not supposed to embed age-restricted (under 18) videos.  But many “soft-core” gay videos (those with no explicit full nudity) are not age-restricted right now.  Visitors accessing embeded videos may find they are asked to sign on to their Google accounts before playing the videos inline.  

 In the EU, users will normally have to provide credit or ID cards when signing on. I don't normally notice any of this because my own account does have credit cards (for renting movies or extra cloud space, etc). 

 I have not yet received this email, maybe because my content is not monetized. 

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