Monday, September 07, 2020

Rioters use ordinary residents as shields against police tear gas in urban riots (at least in Portland)

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 TimCast (Tim Pool) reports “BLM Leftists Riot Near Residential Homes Using Locals as Human Shields”.

This was Day 101, and Tim reports incidents like this in Pittsburgh.

Tear gas is said to be looking into people’s homes.

Is this really from “Black Lives Matter”, or for from extremists (foreign or even extreme right) trying to capitalize on the unrest?

Why is local law enforcement so unwilling to do its job? 

Pool refers to Sean Parnell's op-ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

This is serious, guys. 

Akkad Daily analyzes what "radicalism" wants as Sargon dissects Feminista Jones in this video. There is something awful about this idea that people no longer have their own agency.

Karlyn Borysenko talks about a dangerous encounter in Dallas at a "Walkaway" event Sunday.  Dallas Morning News talks about the issue. 

Picture: Embed from Portland riot from Wikipedia, click for attribution 

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