Thursday, September 03, 2020

Facebook deletes posts that offer newsworthy factual examination of Rittenhouse over "dangerous persons" policy


Facebook has removed a post by “conservative” author Mark Dice which purported to show Kyle Rittenhouse giving aid to a BLM protester. 

Dice has had other actions taken against his account, but the main justification for the latest action was that Dice was supporting a “known dangerous individual” which the company has called a “mass murderer.”

Perhaps the idea that Rittenhouse has not had his day in court is not enough.  But here, as defense attorneys have pointed out (and the defense attorney has apparently been banned from Twitter) there is a lot of fact-finding and investigating to be done before predicting any legal outcome.  There seems to be some credible evidence that Rittenhouse had been attacked.  It’s not clear that his “victims” were legitimate B:M protesters, they may have been from the Right. 

Of course, it is reasonable (even for Facebook) to say a minor, a 17 year old, should not be invited to guard private property with a military firearm in public streets. 

There is also a lot of disturbing uncertainty about Jacob Blake’s actions before he was shot.  We don’t seem to have the facts yet.

Reclaim the Net has a story. 

Breitbart also has a major story. 

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