Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Be careful when using game material in your own videos (especially if you monetize), know the copyright rules


 Ian Corzine has a video (from April 2019) on how to use video game content from others legally, and without getting YouTube copyright strikes.

This issue isn’t discussed all that often.

Generally, you need to apply for a specific license, or use a general license, according to the gamer website.

But you may be able to apply “fair use” by transforming the content as you stream from it.  That means providing commentary continuously as you present it, not undermining the reputation of the site with non-congruence (for example, sexual innuendo) and especially not providing spoilers.

You could wonder about copyright and filming indoor attractions that you have to pay to see (model railroads at ground level could be a good example), although right now with everything virtual because of the pandemic, I wonder if that changes.

Corzine posted his three big rules in a tweet. 

It would appear that PewDiePie would be a typical large channel that critiques games properly. It will be interesting to see what HoegLaw thinks of this post (although the Sony business -- he has a lot of videos on that issue -- would provide guidance.) 

By the way, given all the distractions from the pandemic and Trump's behavior, I haven't seen that the Senate has yet gotten around to passing the Case Act.  

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