Monday, August 17, 2020

Rupert Spira on the non-duality of consciousness, and why it matters; some private house parties now have "paper tests" for virus to screen guests?


In this 2016 video, Rupert Spira explains “Consciousness is not produced by the brain”. 

It is more fundamental than matter and can exist without matter.

When you have a beer, or have a serious brain injury what changes is not consciousness itself but the content of consciousness. 

We all maintain that our “conscious lives” have beginnings and ends because everyone believes it, just as everyone used to believe in a flat earth where, well, gravity still worked. But none of us remembers our birth or conception, and none of us has experienced our death.  For all we know, our lives remain as boxes in space-time, still to be accessed.

One of  Spira’s ideas is “non duality”.

Another item to mention:  CNN reports that wealthy people are having (illegal) house parties where they test everyone who comes for coronavirus.  I’m not sure how they do this, if they got the NBA paper tests, and if they can really get results in 15 minutes.  But the idea has been proposed for widespread use for business in the future.  More about this to come.

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